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Photos and Dashcam: MCLB Barstow

In April 2022, We were given the opportunity to visit Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow along with a small group from the California Historic Route 66 Association . MCLB Barstow has long been off-limits to the general public, but it is accessible by special arrangement. The base is home to a small section of Route 66 now known as Joseph L. Boll Avenue, and in 2021 the road's Route 66 history was highlighted with unique signage and Route 66/Marine Corps road stencils, and a wonderful new monument.      The entrance sign at MCLB Barstow, with new Route 66 USMC logo and historical plaque.   Our host and escort for the day was Rob Jackson of the Public Affairs office, who was extremely gracious and patient with our car caravan of Route 66 enthusiasts, showing us around to several sites within the base, and leading a cruise off the main road through some other areas, including base housing.   Rob Jackson of the Public Affairs office explains the itinerary to our group. The grave o

Upcoming Events in Arizona

 Just a short post this time about a couple of upcoming events on Route 66 in Arizona. Firstly, This coming Saturday, April 23 is the date for Kingman's first-ever Drive Electric Earth Day event. It's being held at the Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center. Drive Electric Earth Day is a nationwide series of events held each April around Earth Day (April 22), by the same folks who organize Drive Electric Week events each September. This Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is the primary host of the Kingman event, and as such will include free admission to their Route 66 EV Museum inside the Powerhouse for everyone who attends! It's a great chance to see some very rare vehicles inside the museum, as well as a showcase of modern EVs outside, where owners will be showing off their cars and answering questions from the public. We will be there with The Blue Spirit. If you have an EV you'd like to show (plug-in hybrids included!), please register here. It's free for both r

Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Oklahoma Pony Bridge

Today's dashcam video upload comes from the lovely Route 66 state of Oklahoma. We traveled here in October 2021, and several times we forgot to record our car's dashcam as we went! But we did remember to catch a section featuring the William H. Murray Bridge. Crossing the William H. Murray Bridge, also known as Pony Bridge, westbound This famous Route 66 bridge crosses the Canadian River a few miles west of El Reno, OK. It's often called the Pony Bridge, because it boasts a whopping 38 pairs of camelback pony trusses. Now part of US Highway 281, it was completed in 1933 and opened the following year as part of a new alignment of US 66, bypassing the towns of Calumet and Geary on the original, unpaved, 1926 alignment of Route 66. The 1933 alignment of Route 66 west of El Reno, OK     A view from the west end of Pony Bridge This bridge was Oklahoma Federal Aid Project No. 164-H We didn't have a ton of time to get back home from Oklahoma on this trip, so we stayed on the 1

Route 66 Tesla Light Show

Hello again everyone, I hope you're all doing well. This post takes us back to Kingman, Arizona.   The Powerhouse in Kingman, Arizona   As mentioned in my previous post, new superchargers have opened at the historic Powerhouse Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona. We took The Blue Spirit down to Kingman along with a wonderful contingent of owners from the Tesla Owners Club of Las Vegas , and together with Kingman locals and visitors we completely filled all 16 superchargers for their inauguration. Many thanks go to Kingman Economic Development for spearheading this project, and for hosting an event for the opening, including some cool raffle prizes!   New superchargers, filled with Teslas for the event   We also took this occasion to reveal a new light show on our car! Back in December, Tesla sent a major update to their vehicles, which included the option on almost all Teslas to play a light show, a treat previously reserved only for the Model X. They also made it possible for own

New chargers: Kingman, Arizona

Happy New Year, everyone!     I have news on some new chargers soon going live on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. First, a little background. In 2014, Tesla opened 6 superchargers in Kingman just a few blocks from Route 66. These are some of the oldest Tesla Superchargers outside California, and by current standards they are rather slow, with a maximum output of 120 kW. Kingman gets a lot of travelers to and from California on I-40, as well as people traveling between the Phoenix area and Las Vegas. The Kingman superchargers get very busy pretty often, and Tesla even added four 'urban style' 72 kW chargers to help with the load.   A solution to this I-40 bottleneck has finally arrived in the form of 16 brand new 250 kW superchargers, opening this weekend! The best part is that these chargers are located at the Powerhouse Visitor Center directly on Route 66, at 120 W. Andy Devine Avenue. The Powerhouse is a historic building that once provided electric power to the Kingman area.