Drive Electric Week and a Dashcam Special

To celebrate the upcoming Drive Electric Week, I have uploaded a super short special edition of Electric Route 66 Dashcam. This one is just 30 seconds and features the Musical Highway in New Mexico!

But first, I need to tell you about National Drive Electric Week. This nationwide effort by the Electric Vehicle Association, Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and EV Hybrid Noire spans two weekends and the weekdays in between, and includes hundreds of events where attendees can learn about EVs from actual owners, and see many models of EVs in person.

Below is a listing of Drive Electric Week events that will be happening on or near Route 66! We will be attending two events in person: in Las Vegas, NV we will have both of our EVs, The Blue Spirit and Sparky Sparky Boom Car; and we'll be in Kingman, AZ in The Blue Spirit. Stop by and say hello!

St. John's Lutheran Church, 1235 Wilmette Avenue
Saturday, September 24
Fox Valley Mall, 195 Fox Valley Center Drive
Saturday, October 1

Tesla Service Center, 1125 N Broadway Avenue
Saturday, October 1

Mustang Town Center, 1501 N Mustang Road
Saturday, October 1
Santa Fe Plaza Park, 100 Old Santa Fe Trail
Saturday, October 1

Hartnett Park, 6718 Rio Grande Blvd., Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
Sunday, September 25

Route 66 EV Museum at The Powerhouse, 120 W. Andy Devine Avenue
Saturday, October 1
We'll be here with The Blue Spirit!
Robco Electric, 5692 La Costa Canyon Court
Saturday, September 24
We'll be here with The Blue Spirit and Sparky Sparky Boom Car!

UC Riverside, Lot 30, 900 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Saturday, October 1
Sustainable Pomona, 308 W. Monterey Avenue
Saturday, October 1

South Coast Air Quality Management District, 21865 Copley Drive
Saturday, September 24

City Hall, 1414 Mission Street
Sunday, October 2

There are many more events across the country, some with dozens of electric vehicles on display. Many will also have informational presentations, booths, and even ride-alongs or test drives! To see if there is an event near you, visit the Drive Electric Week web site.

And now, our special edition Electric Route 66 Dashcam: The Musical Highway. The short 30-second video is embedded below, or you can view it directly at YouTube by following this link.

Happy Drive Electric Week!


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