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Support Route 66 non-profits with your holiday shopping

Support Route 66 with your Amazon purchases, all year round AmazonSmile is a program by that enables its customers to support non-profit organizations at no cost to themselves. When you use AmazonSmile, Amazon donates a small portion of your spending to your chosen charity. Amazon prices, and your cost, remain the same! All you need to do to participate is visit and select a charity from over one million available 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. AmazonSmile uses your normal Amazon account, with AmazonSmile branding at the top of Amazon's web pages to show that you are participating. If you have an Amazon link in your web browser or phone, you can change it from to, or load Smile just before checkout if you have forgotten to do it earlier. If I put items in my shopping cart while on Amazon's regular site, and remember I should be using Amazon Smile, I just go to using a new browser window - my