Happy New Year!

I know things have been slow of late on this site. Rest assured, it is just the off season, both for Route 66 and road tripping in general. The Blue Spirit has mostly stayed close to home and everyday life has taken precedence. We hope to take a few weekend trips in the coming weeks and I'll report on those as they develop. Later on, the annual Route 66 Fun Run is coming up again in May, from Seligman to Topock in Arizona, and we plan to be there once again. The Blue Spirit will be taking the drive, and if we can manage it we will try to drive Sparky Sparky Boom Car as well! Feasibility will depend on whether any more fast chargers go online in northwest Arizona between now and then, as Sparky has a range of just 82 miles and does not charge very quickly at Level 2.

For today, I hope you enjoy this photo of a 2015 Tesla Model S P85D, taken near Stewarts Point at Lake Mead. The Blue Spirit was in service briefly in January, and Tesla provided this car to us as a loaner vehicle.

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Upcoming Event: Roy's sign relighting

Coming up on November 16, the iconic Roy's Motel & Cafe sign in Amboy, California will be returned to service!

Roy's is one of the most famous historic stops on Route 66, in large part because of its very large Googie-style neon sign, erected in 1959. This sign has been turned off since the 1980s and its restoration has been a long term project that is finally coming to fruition. See the official flyer below, from the town's web site

Since we live in Las Vegas, Amboy is pretty close to us and we've been there numerous times, including last month when we visited during the Road Runner's Retreat cleanup weekend. There is no EV charging available at Amboy, but the manager was very interested in pursuing the possibility as they restore more of the town. As an aged, remote, near-ghost town, Amboy has challenges with infrastructure such as power supply and fresh water. These difficulties are complicated and progress is often slow, but the relighting o…

Road Closure info: Route 66 in California

As many Route 66 travelers will know, there has been a long-term closure of a section of Route 66 in the eastern Mojave Desert in California. Due to the abundance of questions about this area on Route 66 Facebook groups, I decided to write up a summary of what is signed for travelers on the affected roads. Our October trip to the Road Runner's Retreat provided the opportunity to photograph all of the road signs that have been placed to deter travelers from the closed area.

Two segments of Route 66 between Needles and Amboy have been closed for a couple of years, and there is no timetable for reopening. Many bridges were washed out in flood conditions and San Bernardino County has not finished repairing them all, as they are an enormous county without a lot of funds. After having a chance to photograph all of the signs, the source of travelers' confusion becomes clear: the signs are a jumble of contradictory and often wrong information. I will try to lay it all out here, i…

Upcoming Event: Road Runner's Retreat cleanup

Sorry about the lack of posts lately; it's been a busy few weeks that hasn't left much time for writing! But The Blue Spirit will be out on Route 66 this weekend, as we participate in a cleanup at the Road Runner's Retreat, a restaurant/truck stop that needs some loving care.

Located about 10 miles east of Amboy, California on Route 66, the Road Runner's Retreat has been closed for decades. It was once a popular stop for gas and food along 66, but after I-40 bypassed this section of Route 66, the flow of passing travelers dried up and the business eventually closed. In the years since, the owning family has tried to keep up the property with periodic cleanup visits. Recently, the call has gone out for volunteers to come help. Last year's cleanup was one of the earliest weekend adventures of The Blue Spirit into an area that was devoid of major charging infrastructure. We are happy to help support Route 66 preservation by visiting again this year!

This year's cl…

Upcoming Events: National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week is coming up soon on September 14-22. Now in its ninth year, there are a whopping 275 NDEW events slated to take place, primarily in the U.S. and Canada. These events are a chance for EV owners to show off their own cars and inform the public about their real-world experiences living with EVs. Some events feature EVs from new car dealers as well. Both 100% electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are shown. Many events will feature information booths or other resources relating to EVs, and all of the events are FREE. Learn more about NDEW at the official web site,

Here is a brief rundown of the NDEW events happening on or near Route 66 this year, plus the Las Vegas, Nevada event that we will be attending. I hope that you will be able to attend an event, whether you own an EV and want to participate, are interested in learning about EVs, or just want to check out some cool cars!

Chicago, Illinois
September 17, 11 AM - 2 PM
Daley Pla…

New chargers: Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada

Just a quick post today, about a couple of new chargers. One is on Route 66 and the other is not, but both are worth knowing about.

Kingman, Arizona

Years in the making, the Powerhouse Visitor Center finally has an EV charger! Given its name, and the fact that the Powerhouse is home to the Historic Electric Vehicle Museum, it's only fitting that EV charging be available at this historic building, which provided power for Kingman and vicinity from 1909 to 1938. The city of Kingman had been in a holding pattern for years on installing a charger here. One of the possibilities they were exploring was a commercial ChargePoint installation, but the time frame was going to be long and the cost significant. Back in May I met Josh Noble from the City of Kingman at the Powerhouse. He told me that the city was in possession of a donated charger and we went to take a look. It was determined that this unit would be suitable to put into service, and before long an electrician came out to install…