EVA 2024 annual meeting

Coming up this weekend in southern California is a host of activities surrounding the Electric Vehicle Association's annual meeting, and Electric Route 66 will be there, as we were last year. Please join us if you are able!
Like last year, this year's meeting will be held at the headquarters of Aptera, the innovative company that is in the final stages of readying their 3-wheeled, solar-powered EV for production. We have a reservation for an Aptera and we're rooting for their success. We're eager to see the progress they have made since last year.
Get a closeup look at Aptera's vehicles this weekend!

EVA membership is required to attend the EVA meeting. If you're not a member you can join today at MyEVA.org - a yearly membership is just $55 and goes to support education and electrification efforts nationally and through dozens of local chapters in the US and Canada, including the chapter we belong to, the Route 66 EVA.

How can you resist a view like this?

Once you have signed in as a member, you can register for the meeting and other events happening this weekend. Here are the meeting details and registration links on the EVA web site.

We hope to see you there!

Talk, see and learn about EVs this weekend!


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