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Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Edge of California

It's May 2023, and I have once again assembled and posted another edition of Electric Route 66 Dashcam. This video comes to us from the eastern edge of California, south of Needles near the Colorado River.   The Blue Spirit has a little bit of suspension lift, for better clearance when it goes off-pavement.   We visited Needles in February 2023 to attend and assist with their annual Route 66 info fair. We had enough time to check out a couple new things in the area before we headed out to abandoned 66 south of town. In addition to two new Tesla Supercharger stations, Needles also boasts a new business named The Filter Change , which serves up helpful liquids for both cars and people. While our EV doesn't need oil changes, we loved their menu of coffee, tea, and smoothies for ourselves!   The Filter Change on Route 66 in Needles - oil & lube: not needed. Tea & smoothie: yes, please!   The rarely-traveled section of Route 66 in our video is a dead-end road in poor condit