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Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Joseph City, Arizona

It is time once again for a new Electric Route 66 Dashcam video! This time we are driving The Blue Spirit in Joseph City, Arizona. In the video I have uploaded, we drive from the overpass at I-40 exit 274, eastbound on Route 66 into Joseph City, then proceed south away from Route 66. On this day there was a bad traffic backup on I-40 heading into Holbrook. So, we took the 'back way' to Holbrook, south out of Joseph City on Westover St., Obed Road, and eventually McLaws Road to enter Holbrook from the south. This video ends after a short distance on Obed Road, after we cross the long, one-lane, 1912 St. Joseph Bridge over the Little Colorado River. It was Tony at the world famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post who confirmed for us that this was a good way to get to Holbrook when there's trouble on I-40. Thanks, Tony! It's always worth it to stop at the Jack Rabbit, which we did just before we took the video. You can view the video embedded be