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Come along with us to Roadfest

Beginning June 17, Electric Route 66 will be hitting the road, and posting our experiences for the next 2 weeks.   We've been invited to exhibit The Blue Spirit as part of the AAA Route 66 Roadfest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we will be documenting our journey online - on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Cell phone signal permitting, we'll be posting photos from the road, and live or almost-live videos of many of the places we stop along the way. Our path will pick up Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona, and follow it east all the way to Tulsa, and beyond.   We will be triple-representing on this trip: for Electric Route 66, as ambassadors for the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Association , and also supporting the California Historic Route 66 Association . We'll have a combo CHR66A/Route 66 EVA table at the Route 66 Roadfest in the Route 66 Community area, in addition to our car 'The Blue Spirit' being on display in the Future of Mobility exhibit of the festival.   The AAA Route