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Upcoming Event: Chillin' On Beale

Each month through the spring and summer, downtown Kingman, Arizona hosts Chillin' On Beale , a cruise-in car show where anyone can bring in a cool car to display on Beale Street, hang out, and chat with other owners and visitors. We'll be heading down to Kingman for this month's event on May 18, so if you'd like to see The Blue Spirit as well as a whole lot of beautiful classic cars, there will be plenty to see. This time, about two blocks of Beale Street will be closed off to non-participating cars, so that should make it safer for the large amounts of pedestrians that I'm sure will be attending. This month's theme is a tribute to hometown heroes - armed forces members past and present, police, fire, nurses and first responders. There will be live music, a DJ, and plenty of open stores and restaurants downtown. As always, Chillin' On Beale is free to attend for everyone. If you are near Kingman this Saturday, come on out! If you want to participate with

Article Link: 2018 Nissan LEAF road trip

Over at the CleanTechnica web site, author and photographer Jennifer Sensiba has posted an extensive and informative article about a recent multi-day road trip in New Mexico and Arizona (including some Route 66!) that she made with her Nissan LEAF. A 1200 Mile Journey: Testing The Limits Of The 2018 Nissan LEAF The article is a great account of driving a LEAF in challenging conditions that it frankly was not designed for. Without the presence of active cooling like most other EVs, the LEAF has difficulty with the heat of the southwest, which can lead to unhealthy heating of the battery and can limit charging speed. Despite the difficulties, the author persevered and she brings us some valuable insight into road tripping with a LEAF.