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Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Victorville, CA

This edition of Electric Route 66 Dashcam brings us back to southern California from our trip there in April 2022. We took a drive all the way through downtown Victorville headed eastbound. The video begins on Mariposa Road, a tiny bit of which was actually Route 66 before the I-15 freeway came through. This has been configured to an intersection in modern times, so we take a right turn to get onto 7th Street to head for downtown. The lovely horse-topped sign for the New Corral Motel is visible in the rear-facing passenger-side camera at 3:12, and at about 3:52 in the video after we pass Victor St., we get a brief glimpse of Apollo Restaurant , a great local burger joint.   At the heart of Victorville we pass under a wonderful overhead 'arch' for Old Town, complete with Route 66 shields. 7th Street then comes to a quick end, and we take a left turn onto D Street just as Route 66 did. Shortly after our turn you may spot the California Route 66 Museum on the left. It's a gr