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Upcoming Events in Arizona

 Just a short post this time about a couple of upcoming events on Route 66 in Arizona. Firstly, This coming Saturday, April 23 is the date for Kingman's first-ever Drive Electric Earth Day event. It's being held at the Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center. Drive Electric Earth Day is a nationwide series of events held each April around Earth Day (April 22), by the same folks who organize Drive Electric Week events each September. This Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is the primary host of the Kingman event, and as such will include free admission to their Route 66 EV Museum inside the Powerhouse for everyone who attends! It's a great chance to see some very rare vehicles inside the museum, as well as a showcase of modern EVs outside, where owners will be showing off their cars and answering questions from the public. We will be there with The Blue Spirit. If you have an EV you'd like to show (plug-in hybrids included!), please register here. It's free for both r