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Drive Electric Week on Route 66

The time for National Drive Electric Week is upon us once again! We at Electric Route 66 will be attending two events - one on Route 66 and one near our home in Las Vegas. There are nearly 200 NDEW events happening across the US and Canada this year between September 23 and October 1, where you can take a look at current electric vehicles showcased by their owners, and at some events take test drives! Please visit the National Drive Electric Week web site to look for an event near you, and register to attend! It's fun and informative to learn about driving electric from actual EV owners relating their real-world experiences. Below is a brief list of the Drive Electric Week events that are happening close to Route 66, plus the additional non-Route 66 event we're attending. Albuquerque, New Mexico In concert with the American Lung Association car show and charity walk Hoffmantown Church, 8888 Harper Road Saturday, September 23 Tulsa, Oklahoma This event includes a new car ride &