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Merry Dashcam Christmas!

 Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good holiday season and that everyone in your life is doing well. It took me a good long while to find the time and the motivation simultaneously, but I have finally done a bunch of work on more dashcam videos, and I have uploaded several new ones for your viewing pleasure. The following photo is from one of the sites we visited. The dashcam video at this site is from the daytime, but the location is too beautiful at night for us not to share a picture! Tower Conoco and U-Drop Inn, Shamrock, Texas   All of the new uploads are from our travels during 2021, from May through October. During this time we went to Arizona a couple of times, and also took a big trip all the way from Las Vegas to Oklahoma for Neon Fest. I tried to remember to take a bunch of dash cam videos, and although I didn't get everything I had wanted to get, I still recorded quite a few videos and I hope you like them. Our Tesla's cameras were primarily designed for its a

Upcoming Events: National Drive Electric Week

Fall is nearly upon us, and that means National Drive Electric Week is coming once again! Events were largely cancelled in 2020 due to covid, but this year many of them are back. Dozens of events are spread all over the country from September 25 to October 3, where EV owners can show off their cars (and motorcycles) to anyone who is interested in electric vehicles. New car dealers are also sometimes in attendance with the latest EV models. Depending on the event, you can find information booths and literature, and always plenty of EV owners willing to share their experiences and answer your questions. Best of all, these events are totally free! For a full listing of events all across the country, and to register to attend for a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card, visit Here on Electric Route 66 I will give you a rundown of the National Drive Electric Week events that are being held on or near Route 66.   Drive Electric Week, Las Vegas 2019     Aurora, Illinois

Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Kingman, Arizona

Once again it's been a long time since I have posted! But I have another dashcam video up, this time from Kingman, Arizona. Kingman is the home of the Powerhouse Visitor Center , which houses the Arizona Route 66 Museum , as well as a Kingman Route 66 gift shop and tourist information center, and the gift shop for the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona . Lastly, the Powerhouse is also the home of the Route 66 EV Museum , the world's first dedicated electric vehicle museum!  The Powerhouse is a must-stop for any visit to Kingman, Arizona The Route 66 EV Museum opened in summer 2014 during that year's International Route 66 Festival. The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation , which runs the museum, has so many historic EVs that they only have room to display a fraction of them. The Buckeye Bullet land speed record EV is on display at the Route 66 EV Museum Outside the Powerhouse, a J1772 EV charger is available for use, and that's where today's dashcam video beg

Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Road Runner's Retreat

Hello! It has been two months since my last blog post; I hope everyone has been holding up well under the continued pandemic conditions. I thought it was high time I put up another Dashcam video. Even though we haven't been traveling, I still have a few videos taken last fall that I haven't put up yet. Today's dashcam video comes from the Mojave Desert in California, on Route 66 east of Amboy. The Road Runner's Retreat is a long-closed desert business with a huge neon sign. It sits on a section of Route 66 that is closed to through traffic, but it can be visited if you are ok with doing just a little bit back-tracking east of Kelbaker Road. It is located past a set of road barriers which say, "Road Closed to Thru Traffic". But the important part is "Thru Traffic". A visit to the Road Runner and back would not be considered thru traffic. The barriers are easy to drive around, and the road is in good condition and safe to drive for the few miles to the

Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Abandoned 66

 Happy New Year!   With covid still raging, we continue to stay home and have not taken any recent road trips in The Blue Spirit. But that doesn't mean that I can't bring you another Route 66 dashcam video from our last trip to Arizona in October 2020.   This Google Maps aerial photo view shows the section of old Route 66 covered by the dashcam video. This time, we're traveling a very short section at low speed. This segment of Route 66 is west of Twin Arrows, and east of Winona. It was bypassed by a newer alignment of the road almost 70 years ago, around 1952. This is a dead-end section of 66 which was cut off by the construction of I-40. To proceed further east on the dirt access road (which was not 66), a high-clearance vehicle is required, which our Tesla is definitely not! It may have to wait until we get a Cybertruck to make it further east, where old 66 takes up again from the dirt road and crosses the abandoned Canyon Padre Bridge.   The Blue Spirit, pointed east to