Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Kingman, Arizona

Once again it's been a long time since I have posted! But I have another dashcam video up, this time from Kingman, Arizona.

Kingman is the home of the Powerhouse Visitor Center, which houses the Arizona Route 66 Museum, as well as a Kingman Route 66 gift shop and tourist information center, and the gift shop for the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. Lastly, the Powerhouse is also the home of the Route 66 EV Museum, the world's first dedicated electric vehicle museum! 

The Powerhouse is a must-stop for any visit to Kingman, Arizona

The Route 66 EV Museum opened in summer 2014 during that year's International Route 66 Festival. The Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, which runs the museum, has so many historic EVs that they only have room to display a fraction of them.

The Buckeye Bullet land speed record EV is on display at the Route 66 EV Museum

Outside the Powerhouse, a J1772 EV charger is available for use, and that's where today's dashcam video begins. We had a great visit at the museums and gift shops of the Powerhouse, and then unplugged and took a short drive down original Route 66.

First, we headed east on Andy Devine Avenue for a few blocks. This segment of Andy Devine was Route 66 starting around the 1940s. At 4th Street we turned right, and proceeded south on a segment of road that was once the National Old Trails Road, and was designated as Route 66 when the route was created in 1926. After just a couple of blocks the old highway, now once again called Old Trails Road, veers away from 4th St. and continues southwest, under and around railroad tracks, finally reaching a dead end about 2 miles outside of town. Back in 1926, the highway crossed the railroad tracks again and continued southwest. Today there is a closed gate just before the old crossing, and that's where the dashcam video concludes.

I hope you enjoy the video which I have embedded below, or you can view it on YouTube using this direct link. A note for viewers: apologies if an ad appears with one of my videos; due to YouTube rule changes, I can no longer stop ads from appearing. I do not receive revenue from them and I cannot choose what might be advertised.


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