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New Charger: Goffs, California

After our initial visit to Goffs in The Blue Spirit late last year, the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association began to investigate the possibility of adding EV charging to their wonderful schoolhouse museum and historic property. They added a 120-volt outlet for EV use in January, which I mentioned in a previous post . And now, they have added a Tesla Destination Charger! The Blue Spirit at the Goffs Schoolhouse. We returned to Goffs on April 27 to test out their new charger, and we also met up with some roadie friends. It was fun to demonstrate charging for our non-EV owning friends and afterward we headed into Needles for a dinner get-together. I may never get tired of this image - an EV charging underneath a windmill! Since there is not a lot of power infrastructure in Goffs, the new charger is running from a 30 amp circuit and can output 24 amps at 240 volts, which equates to about 20 miles of charge per hour in a Tesla. For now, owners of other EVs can

Upcoming Events: Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day is a nationwide series of events from the same folks that organize National Drive Electric Week each September. Earth Day is April 22, and over 180 local electric vehicle events are happening during April, often to coincide with other Earth Day events. Attendees can learn about electric cars from EV owners and car dealers, and in some cases even test drive cars! Head over to the Drive Electric Earth Day web site to check out the full list. They are happening all across the country so there may be one near you! I just wanted to highlight a few of them here for the Route 66 roadie community: Tulsa, Oklahoma The Tulsa event is happening as part of Tulsa's Earth Day Festival , on April 20th at Guthrie Green, just a few blocks from the original Route 66 as it passed through downtown Tulsa. Electric vehicles will be just one part of an event with art, music, food, educational booths, speakers and more. Skokie, Illinois Near Chicago, about 20 minutes from