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Electric Route 66 Dashcam #2: Grand Canyon Caverns

I recently uploaded the second video of the new Electric Route 66 Dashcam series. This one lasts under 5 minutes, and covers a short stretch of Route 66 leading to Grand Canyon Caverns in Arizona. Parked at the restaurant and caverns entrance   EV charging is available at the adjacent RV park for restaurant and motel guests! Grand Canyon Caverns is a long time Route 66 attraction 12 miles east of Peach Springs, Arizona. It features tours of a large cavern system, after an elevator ride over 200 feet below the surface. A store and the Cavern Inn motel is located at the Route 66 entrance to the property, while the caverns entrance, restaurant and RV park are located about 1 mile away from 66 via private road. This dashcam video starts on eastbound Route 66, enters the Grand Canyon Caverns property at the motel and store, and then travels to the cafe and caverns entrance. I hope you enjoy this short Sunday drive! You can view the video embedded below, or follow this link directly to YouT

New feature: Electric Route 66 Dashcam

I am happy to announce the premiere of a new feature for Electric Route 66: real-time dashcam videos! Like all Teslas, The Blue Spirit has many cameras that are used for self-driving, safety, and security features. Our car can record 4 of its 6 camera views onto a USB drive in a continuous loop. A feature called Sentry Mode records when the car is parked for security, and a dashcam feature allows drivers to save the previous 10 minutes of footage at the press of an icon on the screen, to be viewed later in the car or copied from the USB drive. We decided to start recording some of our driving on Route 66 to share with everyone, thanks to the wonderful suggestion from Ruben at Valentine Station . Cheers, Ruben!  Visit Ruben at Valentine Station, Arizona if you get the chance! Cameras Overview Here is a brief explanation of what you will see in the Electric Route 66 dashcam videos.   Currently, four cameras are recordable by the Tesla dashcam software Top row center: front camera. The B