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Utah Day Trip

With travel still being mostly discouraged, there hasn't been very much to write about for Electric Route 66, but we did manage to take a single-day short trip to Utah on June 7. I hope you enjoy this account and our photos. Stay safe, everyone! Utah is closed on Sunday June 7 was a Sunday, so you might think it strange that we would decide to visit Utah when it's closed. OK, Utah is not technically closed, but a higher-than-average number of things in Utah are indeed closed on Sunday due to its religious makeup composed of a very high percentage of Latter-Day Saints members. But this trip was basically just a cruise, to get out of the house for a change in scenery. We weren't planning on shopping or otherwise interacting with many people or businesses. Despite owning The Blue Spirit for almost 2 years, we still had not yet ventured into Utah with it, even though it lies just 100 miles away from home and there are no issues with Tesla charging infrastructure to stop u