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Travelogue: Golden Valley, Needles, Amboy, Bagdad

As I noted back in January, the weekend of February 2-3 featured several destinations for us and The Blue Spirit, and we were happy to get out on the road to support Route 66 communities. Car Show, Golden Valley We got going from Las Vegas pretty early in the morning in order to make it to our first stop, a benefit car show at Great American Pizza in Golden Valley, AZ. We were not able to stay for the whole thing due to the event in Needles, but we had a good time while we were there and the turnout was good, even though it was rainy and cold! Just a few of the classics at the car show. There was good turnout, especially from Mustangs! I washed the car the day before, but the weather on the way was not cooperative so we arrived just as dirty as before I had washed it! It was great to hang out at our first car show, and also meet up with friends who live nearby. There were some amazing rat rods and classic cars, and a good representation of modern cars, such as a whole r