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Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Edge of California

It's May 2023, and I have once again assembled and posted another edition of Electric Route 66 Dashcam. This video comes to us from the eastern edge of California, south of Needles near the Colorado River.   The Blue Spirit has a little bit of suspension lift, for better clearance when it goes off-pavement.   We visited Needles in February 2023 to attend and assist with their annual Route 66 info fair. We had enough time to check out a couple new things in the area before we headed out to abandoned 66 south of town. In addition to two new Tesla Supercharger stations, Needles also boasts a new business named The Filter Change , which serves up helpful liquids for both cars and people. While our EV doesn't need oil changes, we loved their menu of coffee, tea, and smoothies for ourselves!   The Filter Change on Route 66 in Needles - oil & lube: not needed. Tea & smoothie: yes, please!   The rarely-traveled section of Route 66 in our video is a dead-end road in poor condit

Join us at DEED and the Fun Run in April and May

It's been pretty quiet here at Electric Route 66, but coming up soon are two (count 'em!) events that will likely be just the beginning of a very busy road-tripping season. If you are in the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona, we'd love to see there!     Drive Electric Earth Day On April 29, Kingman will be hosting their second Drive Electric Earth Day event at the Powerhouse Visitor Center. Hosted by the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation , EV owners will bring their cars for display, and to answer questions from the public about owning and driving electric. It looks like it will be a small gathering this year, but the Powerhouse is a busy place: in addition to the Arizona Route 66 Museum, visitor information and gift shops, the Route 66 EV Museum will be open to all for free.   The Powerhouse Visitor Center is Kingman's biggest Route 66 attraction. Last year's Drive Electric Earth Day in Kingman had a great turnout for a first event. If you have a plug-in vehicle and

Trip Report: National EVA meeting

It's been quite some time since I've written a trip report, but I thought this would be a good subject to get back into it. In January, we took a weekend trip in The Blue Spirit to the Electric Vehicle Association annual meeting in Carlsbad, California. This was the first EVA annual meeting we have attended, and we had a wonderful time which I'd love to tell you about. Day 1: Las Vegas, NV to Cardiff, CA The majority of our first day was spent in travel mode - lots of freeway driving and very little sightseeing. The I-15 travel corridor has a lot of traffic with numerous EV chargers along the way. We fully charged The Blue Spirit at home, and made good time to the Barstow area. We often stop for our first break and charge at Eddie World in Yermo, a great stop with Tesla Superchargers, ChargePoint fast and slow chargers, gas, restrooms, massive candy & snack selection, and several hot food options. This time, we decided to drive a little further before stopping to char

Electric Route 66 Dashcam: Springfield, IL

Happy New Year, everyone! I took a little break in December for the holidays; I hope everyone had a good December and that your new year is going well so far. To get back into the swing of things, I have posted a pretty short dashcam video this time. It comes from our road trip to Illinois in October 2022. We had a great first half of the trip, but the second half was cut short by covid, so I didn't get as many dashcam videos as I had wanted, but I will still be sharing quite a few this year. To begin 2023, this dashcam comes from Springfield, Illinois. Our good friend and fellow roadie Penny was guest driver this time. She showed us around a number of Route 66 alignments in Springfield, which has a lot of Route 66 to offer.   The Cozy Dog Drive In is one of the many Route 66 attractions in Springfield, IL The dashcam footage I've uploaded this time is a section of Old Chatham Road, inside Lick Creek Wildlife Preserve. The old road has a dead end in this area, with a 1919 brid