Route 66 Tesla Light Show

Hello again everyone, I hope you're all doing well. This post takes us back to Kingman, Arizona.
The Powerhouse in Kingman, Arizona

As mentioned in my previous post, new superchargers have opened at the historic Powerhouse Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona. We took The Blue Spirit down to Kingman along with a wonderful contingent of owners from the Tesla Owners Club of Las Vegas, and together with Kingman locals and visitors we completely filled all 16 superchargers for their inauguration. Many thanks go to Kingman Economic Development for spearheading this project, and for hosting an event for the opening, including some cool raffle prizes!
New superchargers, filled with Teslas for the event

We also took this occasion to reveal a new light show on our car! Back in December, Tesla sent a major update to their vehicles, which included the option on almost all Teslas to play a light show, a treat previously reserved only for the Model X. They also made it possible for owners to make and play their own custom light shows. I spent many hours in January building a light show to display at the Kingman supercharger opening. I have uploaded two videos below. The first is the premiere in Kingman. Since that event was during the day, I made a second video in the dark so it's easier to see more of the lights.

Since this first video was made during the day in an open area, not all of the flashing lights can be seen, especially the tail lights. But it does allow a view of the dancing mirrors and windows.

The second video was made to show the lights a little better, especially for the new community of custom light show users and makers that is quickly developing following the introduction of this new feature. I have uploaded the light show files here and on light show download sites, for Tesla owners who want to play it on their own cars. I have included additional features in the show that other models can utilize, including dancing doors on Model X, moving door handles on Model S, and dancing lift gate or trunk lid on all models equipped with a motorized lift gate or trunk lid.

Until next time, stay safe everyone and enjoy the road!


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