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National Drive Electric Week is September 26 to October 4, and there is finally a little bit of activity after a tough summer! The ongoing pandemic has kept us and The Blue Spirit close to home for most of the summer. I have another short Utah trip to post about; that will come a little later. Right now I want to let you know about some upcoming events, where you can meet up with us in person (at a safe distance!) or learn more about EVs. National Drive Electric Week in-person events have been severely curtailed this year as could be expected, but there are a couple of events on or near Route 66. There are online events as well, some with local information such as incentives by local and state governments. Please visit the NDEW web site to find out about online presentations in your area.

September 26: Kingman, Arizona

The Powerhouse in Kingman

The Route 66 Electric Vehicle Association was founded recently by "EV Jerry" Asher and Jim Stack, as a brand new chapter of the Electric Auto Association. The EAA was founded in 1967 to support EV adoption, and now has over 100 chapters. The Route 66 EVA will be holding its inaugural meeting from the Powerhouse in Kingman, home of the fantastic Route 66 EV Museum. We have just joined the Route 66 EVA, and we'll be at the Powerhouse in The Blue Spirit to show our support. The meeting will be online via Facebook Live, so if you can't come in person you can watch it by visiting its Facebook Event Page.

Update, 9/27: the meeting ended up happening via Zoom, but it was also a discussion broadcast live via YouTube by Jim Hinckley's America as part of his "On The Road With Jim" YouTube series. It is available now for viewing!

The Powerhouse is also the location of Kingman's visitor center, as well as the Arizona Route 66 Museum, and the gift shop of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona! It's a great place to start off exploration of the Kingman area and Route 66.

September 27: San Bernardino to Rancho Cucamonga, California

The Cucamonga Service Station, Rancho Cucamonga

The Inland Empire Electric Vehicle Association is holding an EV Rally for National Drive Electric Week, featuring a long cruise on Route 66 through the communities of San Bernardino, Rialto, Fontana, and Rancho Cucamonga! Visit their Facebook page linked above, or the NDEW event page for more info. The IEEVA is also hosting an online event on October 1, to inform viewers about the EV ownership experience. You can register to attend that event on its own NDEW event page.


October 3: Las Vegas, Nevada

National Drive Electric Week at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, 2019

This year's National Drive Electric Week event in Las Vegas will be taking place as scheduled, with appropriate precautions in place such as masks and distancing. It will be held at the same venue as previous years - the outdoor covered parking area of the Springs Preserve. We will be bringing both The Blue Spirit and Sparky Sparky Boom Car to this event, along with our masks and plenty of hand sanitizer! If you can make it we'd love to meet you. Here is the NDEW event page with the details.


October 9-11: Route 66 in Arizona

La Posada in Winslow, Arizona

We are planning a short weekend trip on Route 66 across northern Arizona, in The Blue Spirit. We're going to try to get as far east as Holbrook but we're playing it by ear for most of the way, so where we will be at any particular hour is anyone's guess! If you would like to meet up with us, please let us know and we will nail down a time and place to make it happen. My email is available on the 'About' page of this blog.


October 17-18: near Amboy, California

The Road Runner's Retreat, east of Amboy, California

As we have done the previous two years, we will once again be volunteering for a cleanup at the long-closed Road Runner's Retreat cafe and service station east of Amboy. The Road Runner suffered a devastating fire to the cafe building earlier this year, so your help is needed more than ever. Please come out to help if you can. You can contact the Road Runner via the Facebook page above, especially if you want to camp on site; overnight lodging can be found about 40 miles west in Ludlow, or about 80 miles east in Needles. Please see the Facebook event page for details on the cleanup!

Looks like we've got a busy month ahead! Coming soon: a weekend in Utah, doing our best to avoid the interstate.


  1. A great historic road that is full of great places to see and great people. No boring super highway to put you to sleep. Real places and real people for 2240 miles. From Chicago to Sata Monic CA.


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