Happy New Year!

I know things have been slow of late on this site. Rest assured, it is just the off season, both for Route 66 and road tripping in general. The Blue Spirit has mostly stayed close to home and everyday life has taken precedence. We hope to take a few weekend trips in the coming weeks and I'll report on those as they develop. Later on, the annual Route 66 Fun Run is coming up again in May, from Seligman to Topock in Arizona, and we plan to be there once again. The Blue Spirit will be taking the drive, and if we can manage it we will try to drive Sparky Sparky Boom Car as well! Feasibility will depend on whether any more fast chargers go online in northwest Arizona between now and then, as Sparky has a range of just 82 miles and does not charge very quickly at Level 2.

For today, I hope you enjoy this photo of a 2015 Tesla Model S P85D, taken near Stewarts Point at Lake Mead. The Blue Spirit was in service briefly in January, and Tesla provided this car to us as a loaner vehicle.


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