New chargers: Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada

Just a quick post today, about a couple of new chargers. One is on Route 66 and the other is not, but both are worth knowing about.

Kingman, Arizona

Years in the making, the Powerhouse Visitor Center finally has an EV charger! Given its name, and the fact that the Powerhouse is home to the Historic Electric Vehicle Museum, it's only fitting that EV charging be available at this historic building, which provided power for Kingman and vicinity from 1909 to 1938. The city of Kingman had been in a holding pattern for years on installing a charger here. One of the possibilities they were exploring was a commercial ChargePoint installation, but the time frame was going to be long and the cost significant. Back in May I met Josh Noble from the City of Kingman at the Powerhouse. He told me that the city was in possession of a donated charger and we went to take a look. It was determined that this unit would be suitable to put into service, and before long an electrician came out to install it. Suddenly the Powerhouse is providing power once again!

The first publicized visitor was Jerry Asher of Plugin All Around Arizona with his Tesla Model X "Spirit of Tesla" in late June. In July, We visited Kingman in The Blue Spirit with intent to plug in and try it out, but we discovered upon our arrival that it was in use by a VERY adventurous traveler! Dubbed Mrs. Froggy, a light blue 2016 Chevy Spark EV was getting its fill of power. Mrs. Froggy was picked up by its new owner in California just a few days before, and then began an epic journey across America towards a home in Portland, Maine. This is no small feat for the Spark, which has an official EPA range of just 82 miles! We wish Mrs. Froggy and her owner Heather a safe and enjoyable journey; we'll be checking out the blog, Mrs Froggy's Long Drive, for her stories of the trip.

Mrs. Froggy and The Blue Spirit at The Powerhouse

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is not on Route 66, but a lot of Route 66 travelers take a detour to visit it nonetheless. There are plenty of EV chargers in Las Vegas but a new one is notable as a big step forward in charging technology. Following a small number of demonstrator units at its own facilities in Fremont and Hawthorne, California, Tesla has just debuted the first full installation of its new Version 3 Supercharger. Located under the High Roller observation wheel at the LINQ Hotel & Casino, the new station features the full Tesla 'ecosystem' - solar panel canopies, battery storage, and supercharging. The Version 3 supercharger provides up to 250 kW of power at each of 24 stalls. This equates to a speed of over 1000 miles of charge per hour, a big increase over the version 2 maximum of 150 kW, about 600 miles per hour. Also located on site are 15 Tesla Destination Chargers for those in need of a more leisurely speed provided by AC level 2 charging. We visited on July 30 to meet a friend for breakfast nearby; as we were not in need of a fast charge, we used a destination charger to add some free power for a couple of hours.

The Blue Spirit at Tesla's newest charging facility in Las Vegas

With the impressive speed increase of Version 3 supercharging, the advantages of gas cars over EVs grow ever smaller.


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