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Welcome to Electric Route 66!

The goal of this site is to promote electric vehicle travel on classic US Highways like Route 66. It is not always easy to hit the open road in an EV; it's a chicken-and-egg sort of problem: how to build infrastructure at small towns and attractions when few EVs are currently visiting, and how to get people to travel in their EVs when limited charging infrastructure can sometimes be an obstacle. The EV revolution is coming, and the classic and historic stops along Route 66 should prepare for it if they want to survive and grow. As an EV owner and Route 66 roadie I want to help them, so they will be around to enjoy for years to come.

Now, I just want to make clear that I'm not an expert on electric vehicles. There are two of them in my household, but I have no technical training or any job in the electric vehicle industry. I'm coming at this subject from the perspective of a layman enthusiast. This should help to keep the postings light and accessible to all readers. It also means that I might not know the answer to every question, and I might be learning some new things right along with my readers!

The content of this site will mostly fall into two categories:

1. Informational resources. With a few pages of info I want to help non-EV owners learn about EVs, to help businesses learn the needs of these potential new customers, and to encourage adventurous EV owners to overcome the challenges of traveling with a limited range. Take a look at the static article links near the top of the page for my initial offerings, which I hope to expand and improve over time.

2. Travelogue. I will be posting about my own EV adventures on Route 66 (and sometimes elsewhere), visiting historic attractions and businesses, and hopefully encouraging electrification so that those treasured places will flourish in the coming surge of EV use. The first travelogue installment will be my September visit to Needles, California - coming up very soon.

I will also post occasionally about news and events related to electric vehicles on Route 66, so that EV drivers can show their support for the route, and non-EV drivers can check out what this 'electric vehicle' hubbub is all about.

Stay tuned!


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